How can I access funding to support revitalization of my property?

Participation in the voluntary environmental assessment portion of the Project is the first step. There are also many available resources for funding cleanup. If it’s determined that cleanup is necessary, the City will serve in an advisory capacity to assist participants. Typical funding sources include grants or loans available from:

  • The Colorado Office of Petroleum and Safety Cleanup and Redevelopment Fund
  • The Colorado Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (Area-Wide Planning Grants, Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grants, Brownfields Assessment and Cleanup Grants)
  • US Department of Commerce (e.g., EDA Public Works and Economic Development Facilities Program, EDA Economic Adjustment Assistance Program, SBA Economic Adjustment Assistance Program, SBA Section 7(a) Loan Program)
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Federal and State Historic Preservation Tax Incentives
  • Colorado Environmental Remediation (Brownfield) State Income Tax Credits