Through this project, in working with the EPA, the City of Fort Collins’ assessments can provide liability protection from future regulatory actions and assurance that assessed properties are not impacting the environment or public health.
Currently, there is a lack of inventory for developers in the Fort Collins market. However, as assessments are completed, and revitalization opportunities are identified, more inventory may become available.

At this time, the City does not foresee a list of properties for sale as one of the end goals of the Northside Revitalization Project. Additional information will become available on a site-by-site basis over the course of the 3-year project as assessments are completed and reuse plans become available. The City is exploring utilizing the CDFA Brownfields Online Project Marketplace as one potential centralized location to list properties as they come available. Available sites will most likely be listed and marketed by individual property owners. Interested developers should get in touch with Patrick Rowe, the City's Redevelopment Coordinator, at 970.416.2231.

Although specific redevelopment opportunities do not necessarily need to be spelled out in detail before some work is performed under this project, a general plan for generating redevelopment opportunities is typically needed to obtain EPA approval to spend grant funds on assessment work. In addition, the City will seek to prioritize sites for funding under this project based on the site’s redevelopment potential and plans.

The answer to this question depends on the historical activities at the site, potential contaminant sources, and the types of contaminants. The project team has specialists who will consult with property owners to answer this question BEFORE testing is conducted. This way a property owner knows exactly what the ramifications are if indeed contaminations is found and helps them make an informed decision before authorizing testing on a site.

The Brownfield Assessment project is NOT a regulatory program. These projects are a mechanism/tool to promote economic development. EPA involvement is typically limited to review of work plans and general program oversight. The City does not have to submit ESA results to the EPA under this project.